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Digital marketing

Trying to reach an online audience?  So many of our experiences and interactions with each other are online and your first digital impression is just as important (perhaps more so) than your first face to face meeting.  The right digital marketing activity will help you reach your intended audience, deliver your message well and persuade them to act.  There’s no quick fixes to digital marketing but there’s a lot you can do.

Digital marketing activities can include:

  • Activity reviews and audits
  • Creating a practical action plan
  • Managing your ongoing activities
  • Managing your online presence on Google and Bing
  • Creating and monitoring Google Ads
  • Managing customer review platforms
  • Reviewing online advertising spend to improve your return on investment
  • Writing website briefs and working with developers
  • Website content planning
  • Managing WordPress content
  • Copywriting for search
  • Blog content strategy and ideas